Team Away Days – Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Over the weekend whilst in the garden and feeling the warmth of the sun, my mind wanders off to Barbecues. Here at Magnifisense we like to involve the 5 senses; Barbecues excite our sense of smell, and smell evokes memories. What memories do you conjure up when you think of barbecues? I wonder how many would connect the memory to work…an Away Day perhaps?

A Taste of Freedom event, held away from your usual work environment allows you to interact with your colleagues in completely different surroundings. This allows you to think differently which can help you tap into your team’s potential.

One business Dean Group understand the benefits of having an Away Day read the benefits here;

So why have an Away Day?

There are many reasons and here are just a few:

• It’s a great way to reward your staff
• Celebrate the launch of a new product
• Help ease the transition during a company merger
• Help a new team to come together
• Help a jaded team rekindle the fire

You can run an event for your smaller team, or even go company wide. As they say, ‘together everyone achieves more!’

We teamed up with Angela Jowitt of Dolphin Team Development to help you plan a great event with these top tips:

• Be clear about what you want the event to achieve and keep this as the main point of focus in all your communications
• Involve the team; what would they like the event to achieve?
• Are there any issues that need to be addressed? The event can be a great vehicle to get you talking about them.
• Allow equal time between talking about the business, the process and having some fun and be clear about where the focus is at each part of the day.

The weather is now perfect for giving the team a little time out which will lead to:

A boost in staff morale

A team who feels appreciated and valued for their efforts
Increased creativity and innovation, less stagnation within the team/company

Variety is the spice of life; why not consider:

• Activity day – with barbecue lunch
• Canape making
• Ready Steady ‘There Is No I’ In Team Cooking Frenzy
• Chocolate Making
• Sweet Trees
• Traditional Teambuild
• Fragrance Making
• Segway Challenge
• Form a Rock Band
• Drum Jamming
• Traditional Pub Games/outdoor games
• Quiz
• Treasure Hunt

Away Days reward your workers for their efforts, sending a clear signal that their work really is valued and appreciated. ‘After all a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected’

Date created:
February 19, 2024

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