Incentives and Rewards

Incentives and Rewards

Inspiration through gratitude

“Well done. Thank you!”

Four small, but pretty important, words. Yet, how often, in business, are they ignored?

Are words always the best way to reward your people for a job well done or inspire them for the great job they’re about to do? Well, words are OK. But actions – ten times better.

We’ll make sure you delight your high-achieving people with a bespoke Magnifisense corporate Reward or Incentive event.

Energise - Excite - Inspire - Motivate

Without employees, you don’t have a business. Without motivated employees, you have a business that’s going nowhere. Hundreds of studies have shown the complex mix of factors that drive employees towards productivity. The most critical of these factors? Feeling valued.

Innovative Magnifisense incentive days will give your people that sense of ‘value’.

Appeal to your team’s ambitious nature with the promise of an exciting reward. Inspire them to try that little bit harder to hit their targets and ensure your company keeps growing.

Bursting with ideas for Incentives and Rewards

The Magnifisense team are bursting with ideas to reward and incentivise your most valued employees. We’ll work to your brief and tailor our proposals to your budget and your goals.

Whether it’s group or individual activities, we’ll come up with an incentive scheme that will, in the short term, delight your staff and, in the long term, boost your bottom line.

Tell us a bit about your event and we will get in touch to help you plan your perfect event.
If you’re not sure about the details yet, that’s okay!

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