Sensory Workshops and Team Building

Sensory Workshops – Why?

Magnifisense’s unique take on the corporate retreat or workshop day led them to create their Sensory Workshops. Engage your five senses in unique and challenging ways to re-ignite the power they hold. Learn to Listen better and See clearer in a business environment by invoking your other senses and growing unity with team building.

Move away from the stale role-play-orientated team building workshops you have used before and reignite the passion your team has for your business. Delight them with exciting sensory courses and seminars designed to rejuvenate and reawaken their appetite for learning and experience.

Sensory Workshops – How?

Sensory Workshops challenge the delegates to retrain themselves to connect with their full sensory experience, bringing them in tune with themselves, and each other. Whether that is learning to create a beautiful melodic sound as a team, creating a delicious feast of chocolates, or even creating, marketing and selling their own bespoke perfume or cologne – “Apprentice” Style.

Your team can learn to work together, connect together and grow together in an alternative team building environment which moves people from their comfort zone and into working together.

Sensory Workshops – What?

Covering Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch, Magnifisense provide something for everyone, and for all budgets. Take a look at our team building workshops by selecting one of the five senses below. Looking to cover all five senses in one day? Why not speak with the team directly to create your own bespoke team building or training day.


Hands-on workshops drawing on the imagination and building skills in innovation, productivity and resourcefulness.


Grow confidence in your team, encourage communication skills, develop presentation skills and team connection.


Invite non-creatives to move away from logic and into something wild and wonderful. Build patience, perseverance and tolerance.


Learn to savour the moment. Learn how taste is directly linked to our sense of wellbeing, builds community and supports memory.


Get to know your teams on a personal level. Stimulate the senses, with fragrant workshops and learn how to create harmony with scent.

Date created:
February 19, 2024

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