Magnifisense Workshops

The Five Senses

As Magnifisense was created on the the 5 senses MagnfiSENSE, get it?! We like to make sure all our events and workshops use all 5! Whether a venue, team build, corporate hospitality, conference or incentive, we want you and your colleagues to have an immersive experience and have an impact on you and your event.

Although we can arrange anything with our trusted black book of suppliers, we also provide our own in house workshops. Again all based on the five senses and in different formats. We’ll provide you with a vast array of inspiring and fun workshops, specific to your team needs. But make sure that sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are truly engaged! 

Something for Everyone

Of course, not all clients are the same. That’s why we add variety to our workshops. Everyone, no matter what their profession, age or interests, can get together and enjoy learning or trying something new.

Need a more competitive edge or team build, look out for our Apprentice Style format! Just like the programme, great fun, fast paced and we can even have Loolike Likie Lord Sugar or others to judge and when buget allows the real celeb or speaker! 

Speciality sensory workshops

Choose from a range of Magnifisense speciality sensory workshops facilitated by us, or our fabulous ‘black book’ of trusted and vetted suppliers!

  • Fragrance Making
  • Sweet Tree Choctastic
  • Chocolate Making
  • Windowsill Crafty Herb
  • Wreath Making/Table Centres
  • Candle Making
  • Personal Styling
  • Musical & Singing
  • Tea Tasting & Making Your Own Blend
  • Planting/Hanging Baskets
  • Pasta Making
  • Scented Card Making
  • Wellness Days
  • Yoga
  • Laughter Classes
  • Origami

We are bursting with ideas and can arrange anything dependant on budget and location of course! Adrenalin days, outdoor pursuits, country, driving, tanks, musical, stunt man, comedy, cooking, treasure hunts, Top Gun experience all with sensory twist! ANYTHING! We are truly creative and we can make sure you do something that you haven't before!

Fragrance Making

Design your own perfume or aftershave at one of our fragrance workshops. Learn about Top, Middle and Base notes and how fragrances are constructed. Let your nose take you on an exquisite journey of fragrance with our 18 blends from Grasse in France (home of perfume).

Blend and fill a fragrance atomiser for you or a loved one. Something light and fruity for the day? Or something heavier and flirtatious for the evening? Or a scent to remind of you of a loved one or a special holiday? The options are endless, but your personality will pack a big punch in an exquisite scent bespoke to you! Don't forget the Apprentice Theme format!

Chocolate Making

Indulgent, Scrumptious, and shockingly tantalising.

Your taste buds will thank you! Learn about the history of the cocoa bean and make your own creations with our range of top-class chocolate. Alternatively create your very own sweet tree, designed to look like a tree, but instead of being covered with leaves, its covered in delicious chocolate and various jelly sweets. Competition at its best! Ideal for corporate and private groups.

Wreath Making

Wreath Making not just for Christmas, whatever the season let us help you to brighten up not only your home but your team too! Whether its rustic flowers, spooktacular halloween or easter bunnies your wreaths are sure to be Magnifisense!

WindowSill Crafty Pots

Promote wellness with our crafty pots, take time to enjoy decorating your windowsill pots with an array of our Magnifisense craft supplies. Once decorated we will demonstrate how to plant the seeds so you can watch them grow at home. Alternatively, if you wish we can supply herbs ready to go, giving you a ready to go herb garden!

Cookery Experience

We offer a range of cookery experiences suitable for all abilities and ages. Why not try our Caribbean masterclass, sushi, Chinese, traditional or Thai?We love seeing people explore new flavours and techniques – who knows what dish you’ll serve up next?

Personal Shopper / Stylist

Ideal for private and corporate groups, whether you want to learn about capsule wardrobes, how to revamp your wardrobe for very little, dress differently, accessorising or do you need to design a new uniform for work? This flexible event will give you new-found confidence or self-assurance that you are getting things right.

Musical Workshops

Our drumming, dance and musical activities are fantastic fun regardless of age, background or ability.Our musical events are brilliant places to get creative and lose inhibitions. Whether you want a full team-building session, quick energiser or ice breaker before dinner, we have a great activity for you.

Tea Tasting

We only like to work with the one tea specialist. What he doesn’t know about tea isn’t worth knowing. Owning and running a company and a heritage steeped in tea, you’ll find out more than a thing or two about the nation’s favourite cuppa.

You will be in good company as he has trained at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and an array of top Hotels all over the world. Fancy making your own brand of tea or impressing your guests with how to serve afternoon tea properly?

You are in for a treat!

Champagne and Wine Tasting

What better way to spend an afternoon or evening than sampling fine wines with your friends or team members? Fun, informative, interactive and a real treat for your taste buds! Brings fizz and sparkle to any kind of event.

Cocktail Masterclass

Our cutting-edge specialists will have you turning into a pro in no time! Fast-paced, interactive and enormous fun! Will you be shaken or stirred with some fantastic new twists on cocktails. Think you know your cocktails? Think again!

Segway Pitstop Challenge

You’ll have a wheelie good time on the Pitstop Challenge!

Think you know Segways?
Think again!

Our instructors with plenty of banter and challenges will have you entertained and learning new skills. Listen carefully and don’t lose points for not! It’s skill and precision that wins points!

The Location? You Decide

You don’t have to come to us. We will travel to you. Whether you want to hold your event at a location of your choice, or you want us to pick the perfect venue for your activities, we’re here to make your event planning as easy and stress-free as you’d like.

Tell us a bit about your event and we will get in touch to help you plan your perfect event.
If you’re not sure about the details yet, that’s okay!

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