New Term Blues

Beat those new term blues

Like the rest of this year, the summer holidays have gone super-fast; suddenly we are in September. Unsure whether its psychological; but there appears to be an autumnal chill to the air too. Irrespective of whether you have had the opportunity to go away or had time off, it can be difficult to get back into a work routine.

As business partners and sisters, Lisa and I have spent August at a slower pace. Visiting hotels, decorating, and organising a family member’s 21st birthday party. Not forgetting the all-important spending time with family and friends. A ‘change is as good as a rest’ and we were glad to slow down for a few weeks. Feeling refreshed, we are now chomping at the bit to refocus on our event business Magnifisense.

Did you know that a shocking two in three people still work whilst on holiday? We have been guilty of that on more than one occasion – not clever!

Take a break

Taking a break from work can allow you to think about issues that are usually in the back of your mind in everyday life. For instance, worries about an overwhelming workload or which career path to take. A problematic relationship with a colleague could be hindering productivity or a generally feeling of not being valued at work? These factors amongst others can contribute to that sinking feeling of not wanting to return to work. Especially after a break or holiday.

If you are feeling low or anxious about returning to work, here are a few tips to help:

1) When returning to work try not to focus on the negative despite a full inbox! Or a meeting which was postponed until your return. Think about those elements within your job which you do enjoy. New project, catching up with a colleague or visiting your favourite cafe for lunch.

2) Change your workday up a little. Sit in a new place within the office, have lunch with colleagues, learn new skills or help train new colleagues.

3) Bring a little bit of home to your office. According to the Association for Psychological Science; a tidy and more personal work space can improve your mood. Place a photo of your recent holiday on your desk. Position a plant on your desk or move (if possible) so that your desk is near to natural daylight.

4) Avoid a hectic schedule when returning to work. No doubt your inbox will be full; allow time to sort through. Colleagues will want to hear all about your holiday or time off.

5) Focus on small steps, small changes and don’t look too far ahead.

6) Write a list of priorities of jobs you need to complete first.

Building relationships

The above tips are good to put into practice. However, there might be deep-rooted problems which need a different stance. For example problematic relationships with colleagues, or unhappiness at home.

Lisa and I have both worked in jobs where after holidays or on a Sunday night we would dread returning to work. Due to a colleagues selfish actions, general demeanour or not fitting in due to cliques (we know hard to believe!) but makes you feel lonely. Luckily now being directors of our own business; we are grateful for running a business that we love! Knowledge is power and establishing and maintaining our relationships with venue and suppliers takes time.

We are grateful for the fabulous people we work with and the different personalities and skills they possess. This allows Magnifisense to deliver events with impact and heart; to us its personal! No client is the same so its important to understand them, and their requirements. Listening is key. Some workplaces are more volatile than others. Most of us will experience friction at some point at work. Even the most patient and conscientious group of colleagues (which we are!) can get upset and frustrated with one another (yes, even as sisters!)

According to CIPD survey Three in ten workers report at least one form of bullying or harassment in the last year. Surely this is the workplace and not being back at school? Not that we condone bullying or harassment and of course shouldn’t have a place anywhere!

Communication is important too in many factors of life. Sometimes we can simply shake hands and agree to disagree. Unfortunately if the situation can’t be resolved, a negative impact occurs. Conflict can often be transferred to home, which effects personal relationships and family life.

Insights with Magnifisense

One solution to aid with communication is Team Building and Bonding with an added element of learning and development training. This helps both employers and employees understand more about themselves and how to respond to their colleagues.

Beginning with self-and-other-awareness, the training helps people understand why they choose to work the way they do, and why others work differently. Providing an indication of what it might mean for the overall effectiveness of the team. By being aware and applying this understanding, it helps people to build better relationships within work.

Some knowledge can actually be utilised within personal lives too! When relationships improve, a domino effect occurs which is fundamental to team success. Which includes productivity, communication, clarity of role and purpose, and team effectiveness.

Team Building Magnifisense

Magnifisense have a list of fun and varied team build/bonding events. We are fortunate to work with a fantastic HR and Leadership Specialist who has over 20 years’ experience. Michelle is passionate about helping people to ‘develop’ themselves and their colleagues.

Michelle also looks at ways to streamline work processes. Combining the two, results in growing your business. More importantly resulting in cohesive teams and a happy workplace.

A combination of having fun, learning and being away from the work environment; brings the company/team together. Investing in staff shows that a company cares about not only the company but the well being of its staff. This alone can cause an increase in productivity.

To conclude if we try and help our own well being and share the benefits of listening, communication, learning and development; it will result in a happier workplace. With happier staff the holiday blues are a lot less; and Sunday nights or the night before returning to work are enjoyable once again and not a restless night’s sleep.

Date created:
February 19, 2024

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