Mindfulness Planting and Team Building Wellbeing

Engage with your senses

Focus, inspire creativity, reduce anxiety, improve mental health by engaging with your senses…. how…through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is allowing yourself to be present in that moment and relaxing your mind. Our minds are constantly turning different pages in our daily book of life, causing extra stresses and anxieties both in our workplace and in our personal lives.

Nurturing your mind by stimulating the senses

Give your mind a break by being fully present in the act of planting. For instance feel how the soil feels between your fingers, think about where you will position the plants. Once complete there will be the aftercare of nurturing, watering and being in the present watching the growth and the beauty as the plants mature.

When we learn to master our thoughts, we become better at directing and focusing our attention.

Take a ‘Magnifisense Mindful Moment’ with us, indulge your senses and take a deep breath. You’ll thank us for it!

Lisa Carpenter
Date created:
February 19, 2024

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