Team Away Days – Appreciation Goes Along Way

Over the weekend whilst in the garden and feeling the warmth of the sun, my mind wanders off to Barbecues.

Here at Magnifisense we like to involve the 5 senses; Barbecues excite our sense of smell, and smell evokes memories.

What memories do you conjure up when you think of barbecues?  I wonder how many would connect the memory to work…an Away Day perhaps?

A Taste of Freedom event, held away from your usual work environment allows you to interact with your colleagues in completely different surroundings. This allows you to think differently which can help you tap into your team’s potential.

One business Dean Group understand the benefits of having an Away Day read the benefits here;

So why have an Away Day?  There are many reasons and here are just a few: 

  • It’s a great way to reward your staff
  • Celebrate the launch of a new product
  • Help ease the transition during a company merger
  • Help a new team to come together
  • Help a jaded team rekindle the fire

You can run an event for your smaller team, or even go company wide.  As they say, ‘together everyone achieves more!’

We teamed up with Angela Jowitt of Dolphin Team Development to help you plan a great event with these top tips:

  • Be clear about what you want the event to achieve and keep this as the main point of focus in all your communications
  • Involve the team; what would they like the event to achieve?
  • Are there any issues that need to be addressed?  The event can be a great vehicle to get you talking about them.
  • Allow equal time between talking about the business, the process and having some fun and be clear about where the focus is at each part of the day.

The weather is now perfect for giving the team a little time out which will lead to: 

  • A boost in staff morale
  • A team who feels appreciated and valued for their efforts
  • Increased creativity and innovation, less stagnation within the team/company

Variety is the spice of life; why not consider: 

  • Activity day – with barbecue lunch
  • Canape making
  • Ready Steady ‘There Is No I’ In Team Cooking Frenzy
  • Chocolate Making
  • Sweet Trees
  • Traditional Teambuild
  • Fragrance Making
  • Segway Challenge
  • Form a Rock Band
  • Drum Jamming
  • Traditional Pub Games/outdoor games
  • Quiz
  • Treasure Hunt

Away Days reward your workers for their efforts, sending a clear signal that their work really is valued and appreciated.  ‘After all a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected’




Bespoke Wedding Favours

hanami blog logoWedding Favours

Struggling to find wedding favours to suit you?

We are pleased to announce our fragrance wedding favours have been featured in go on take a peek.  Of course there are other businesses featured who are just as thrilled.

Hanami Dream Weddings and Special Occasions is a wedding blog that compiles creates and collates inspiration to celebrate wedding days and personal milestones in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside of the Cotswolds.

So what are wedding favours? Traditionally given from the bride and groom to the wedding guests to say thank you providing a keepsake of their special day for guests to cherish. The origins came from France in the 16th century; where the aristocracy would give delicate jewel encrusted boxes (bonbonnières) containing sugared almonds or sweets, at their opulent parties and weddings.

Why Sugared almonds; it was thought that the bitterness of the almonds and the sweetness of the sugar symbolised the bitter-sweetness of marriage. Since then there has been question as to whether it is necessary to have wedding favours.  There is so much choice  but ultimately the decision of course is down to the couples preference taste and budget.

Its important to note that the 5 sweet almonds reflected a thought behind marriage and whilst not as popular now they carry sentiment of Health, Happiness, Wealth, Fertility and Long Life. Wedding favours should reflect the couple getting married and their personality.  Guests want to feel as if they are in a world of the bride and grooms creation.

We are looking to supply other types of wedding favours and launch our wedding page on this site soon; so watch this space!thumbsup

Meet 2017 Face to Face


Well here we are; welcome 2017!  Happy New Year and we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and ready for the year ahead?

First off we would like to thank all competition entrants for taking time to respond to our Christmas Fun competition; our winner of the £50 Marks & Spencer voucher went to Nicola Cameron, 2nd prize to Imogen Allen and third prize to Lee Henderson, along with numerous others winning spot prizes.  We really appreciate the time taken out to support the launch of our website and enjoyed the friendly interaction! Keep it up!

Lisa & I both welcome you to our blog page and will take turns to post. Sometimes we are like chalk and cheese but somehow we work, well a lovely LBV port compliments a smelly blue veiny cheese does it not?! Won’t tell you which one is which out of us two! Hopefully our personalities are reflected in our blogs, so you get to know us not only as Magnifisense but Gail & Lisa sisters, with a common goal of organising & implementing bespoke workshops. Creating memories to cherish whether on a corporate or private basis; of course like us all, we like to drop the work for a while, unwind and have fun with the family creating our own cherished memories too!

Whilst sitting and typing, I contemplate what 2017 will bring and why I chose the quote ‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’ – Coco Chanel.  In fact I think that was Lisa’s choice for the website, and she likes things and people that are different! But for the purposes of this blog I’m going to use it! Whether in the past applying for new jobs and being asked what makes you different from other applicants, or the generic questions that we have all been asked, and now  as a business owner, what makes us different to what’s out there, what’s our USP (Unique Selling Point). I always come back to the answer well it’s me, us or you! We all attain exam results, degrees, life experiences that are similar, but it’s what we do as individuals and bring to the table that sets us aside. You don’t have to have the top degree, top job, most money to be better than anyone else, it’s you as the person in whatever you do that makes you unique. Now of course we are all replaceable, especially in jobs hopefully not as friends and family, but it’s whether you give enough for someone to choose not to replace you or to choose you from the outset. There may be just one thing or many that makes you different and could make you stand out, the most basics such as a smile, taking time out for someone, listening, encouraging others to do better than you, learning from mistakes, a want to change or to succeed, this list is endless, but whatever it is, do it “well” and “mean it”.

Technology one could argue easily replaces many roles in life and certainly has enhanced how we live and assisted in freeing up precious time and sometimes money, however,  I am a firm believer in human interaction, in fact it is a necessity for us to have human interaction, a view which is shared in this blog by Nick Gold (MD Speakers Corner) in particular I liked this paragraph ‘the central purpose of events and meetings has, nonetheless, remained largely unwavering. Delegates continue to enjoy opportunities to meet up and network; they seek engaging environments and personal experiences –whether from thought leaders delivering fresh insights, or through experiential learning workshops – in order to improve both themselves and their industries’.  I guess it strikes a chord with me, as our workshops are engaging interactive, fun and provide personal experiences for participants to take on board.  Whether it’s a company trying to get their departments and employees to bond better or strengthen teams or a family wanting to arrange a celebration to cover all ages (not easy)! As a business we can work remotely, talk by phone, FaceTime, conference call but we work best when we are sat in front of each other! I’m sure like the article suggests is true of many of us in work and family life.

Whether business or pleasure, we all need to take time out to learn about each other, understand each other better or just to spend quality time with people we love in very busy times, where texts, FaceTime or emails seems to be a compromise.

Lisa and I have always been different, with our  likes, tastes, opinions but we actually work together extremely well, so whilst it is good to be different and as sisters irreplaceable; we bring our unique and different qualities to the business and our workshops and above all love the human interaction with people. It is great to get out of the office and meet people and engage with them.

We would love the opportunity to work with you in 2017 and of course beyond, we don’t bite and are extremely friendly! Full of ideas and work with like minded suppliers that bring some unique events to the table for you to enjoy! Want your staff to regroup? Welcome new employees? Implement change in a friendly way? Do something different for a celebration other than a pork pie and disco? Get in contact, email, social media, even better by phone or why not meet up and have a cuppa, happy to bring cake or carrot sticks if you are being good! (hope not)


Wishing you a healthy, peaceful, prosperous and extremely happy new year!




We’ve only gone & done it!

BOOM! Eeek! We’ve only gone & done it!  We are proud to announce the launch of our spanking shiny new website.  1st of December 2016 Christmas has come early for us sisters & to help us celebrate we have included a fun Christmas Page where we encourage your participation; oh yes we do! No not a panto horse but Big Horse it’s Christmas (see photo to get it) we are feeling all #festive and #happy! Our page will need your participation captions to add to photos and we would love to hear your best Christmas Cracker jokes.  Don’t forget the word search well we all like a cuppa break!  Most of all we are hoping you will help us spread the news of our launch via whatever means suits you best, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Carrier Pigeon we don’t really mind! It would just be amazeballs to have you help us celebrate; and we have some spot prizes to give away for responses and an overall winner’s prize of £50 Marks and Spencer voucher! So don’t miss out. Finishes the 9th December so that we can get goodies to you in time for Christmas!

Of course we haven’t done this alone we would like to thank are family & friends who have heard us say ‘when the website is launched’ or ‘just afew more things to do’ and of course Catlin Designs for steering us in the right direction & quite frankly the patience of a saint as she has persevered with us saying ‘can we just do this’ or ‘it needs a little something’ one could almost say she has been magnifisense!  Most of all we would like to give a huge awesome pat on our backs (well why not) as we have certainly been on a learning  journey and we are only at the start but we would say the launch of this website has been our best destination so far! We are looking forward to continuing our journey by meeting amazing people along the way and putting the Extra in front of ordinary. So where do we start Edinburgh, Bedford, London, Cardiff, Leeds we don’t really mind as we have wheels and can travel so lets wait and see.  Please look out for our fortnightly blog we would love to keep you updated with news, tips and no doubt a few laughs. Chars! Now where did we put the Champagne?


Are we nearly there yet?

So ‘are we nearly there yet?’ we are sure this is a commonly used question usually with children in the car bored and fed up. However, whilst we have asked the question more than once, we have never been bored or fed up! The process at times has been frustrating and we soon learnt that some things were beyond our capabilities (which has to be said are very few!) Who are we trying to kid, we are only human after all?!

From the initial ‘light bulb’ moment to thinking of style and technical help, we have had challenges but we have conquered with only a few days before the launch. We have been reflective on how far we have come; would we change anything? Probably not, as they say you learn from your mistakes and we are enjoying the ride! Learn something new everyday!