Sensory Workshops- Touch

Get your hands on a selection of compelling craft workshops designed to get you “back in touch” with your fine motor skills. 

Crafty workshops that excite the creative part of your brain, rekindling the joy of getting stuck into something physical and intricate.  The sweet workshops of chocolate tree making with its challenging arrangements or the addictive fun of creating confectionery sushi, are particular favourites.

chocolate making and taste workshops and events

Perfect for:
Inviting non-creatives to move away from logic and into something wild, wacky and wonderful.  Building patience, perseverance and tolerance.

Why not try?
Challenge your teams to a speed confectionery sushi making race.  Using traditional sushi making methods – the first to make their range of sweetie sushi (and eat them with chopsticks!) wins!

Not your bag?
How about:
 – Sweet food craft workshops Traditional chocolate and truffle making
 – For the artists among you, try the craft workshops, art and pottery workshops
 – Savoury foodie craft workshops including creating Canapés, fine dining or dessert making
 – Develop your gross motor skills with dance and movement workshops
 – Learn a new musical instrument and learn how your whole body experiences the feel of performing

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