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Our taste buds are directly linked to our brains, especially our sense of wellbeing, our emotions and our memory.  Our sense of taste helps us create timelines, overcome jetlag and even make decisions.  Discover the ways your sense of taste can interact with your other senses such as sight and smell; and get to grips with delicious and entertaining food workshops to tickle your taste buds.  

The particular favourite?  The creative Tea Tasting workshop with Malcolm Ferris-Lay, expert and world renown Tea Council Trainer.  Malcolm has worked in some of the nation’s best and best-loved hotels and venues, as well as The Royal Collection.  

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Perfect for
Adding a little flavour to your event, developing the art of savouring the moment and patience – after all, you can’t rush an excellent brew.

Why not try?
Creating your own signature tea, personally or professionally.

Not your bag? 

How about:

 – Food workshops including creating Canapés, fine dining or dessert making.  Celebrity Chefs and expert speakers can also be arranged.
– Beyond the usual wine tasting (although that’s a lovely option too) try; champagne, beers and ales and liqueur tasting and, for those who like to “shake things up”, cocktail making.
 – If you have a sweet tooth, you could try making sweet food workshops such as chocolates, truffles, petit fours, sweet trees, desserts and more.

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