Sensory Workshops- Sound

Create harmony in rhythm together with a range of absorbing musical workshops and group sound-based activities.

Learn how to “beat your own drum” in time with others with a Brazilian or African drumming musical workshop.  Or, perhaps, develop your team’s presentation and performance skills with musical workshops.


Perfect for:

Growing confidence in your team, communication skills, developing presentation skills and team connection.  Also great entertainment for a fun addition to an event, social or business.

Why not try?

Develop listening skills (rather than simply hearing) by offering constructive feedback after each performance – picking key positives and an area to work on for each person.  You really have to listen to pick up on the nuances of the recital.

Not your bag?
How about:

– Form a Rock Group, Rock Choir, Variety Performance or Show (can be non-musical for those less musically minded) or write and record a song
– Dance lessons, routines or get your Strictly shoes on and learn some ballroom

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