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Experts in perfumery, the creators of Magnifisense particularly love this range of sensory and perfume workshops. Why not learn the art of perfume or cologne making? Stimulate your senses with scents from Grasse, in France, and learn how to marry the top, middle and bass notes within the fragrances to create a harmonious blend.  Learn how smells evoke emotion and memory as well as how they reflect personality and even create your own perfect business fragrance too. 

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Perfect for:
Getting to know your teams on a personal level. Stimulate the senses, and conversation, with fragrant perfume workshops and learn how to create harmony with scent.

Why not try?
Create a fragrance as a team, then follow this with your own business perfume workshops to create the perfect strategy for marketing and selling your unique product.  A fantastic way to play to the strengths of all your team members and get to know them at the same time. 

Not your bag? 
How about:
– Scented candle making, room fragrance, scented plaque making, pot pouri or scented ornament making
– Fragrant foodie workshops, including: Chocolate, Canapés, Coffee, Teas, Spirits, Cocktails and Wine tasting and paring
– Get your gardening gloves on with aromatic floristry, gardening or creative floral workshops. 
– Guest speakers, Celebrity Experts, Look-a-likes and guest appearances can also be arranged.  

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