Sensory Workshops- Sight

Over 50% of what we communicate uses visual communication. Change the way your team see themselves and delight them with a range of workshops designed to invite them to reconnect with their sense of sight.  

Create visually stimulating artwork or stained glass, learn see the new possibility in the old with an Upcycle Workshop or simply create beautiful jewellery.  

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Perfect for:
These hands-on visual communication workshops draw on the imagination and ensure your delegates build their skills in innovation, productivity and resourcefulness.  

Why not try?
Get to know your team by asking them to create a piece of artwork which tells their audience visually about them.  No words, just pictures – move them away from talking and into communicating.

Not your bag?

How about:

 – Interior design workshops or upholstery
 – Personal shopping, styling or makeovers for men and women.  Learn how to visually present your personal and business brand.
 – Dance and movement classes to develop your physical visual communication skills

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Speak to us – we love chatting about what we can do to make your event or workshop perfect. 

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