Variety is the spice of life!  Here is one of our favourites:

Touchalicous – creative and sweetastical fun!

So what are sweet trees? Well with exception to the trunk; our sweet trees are completely edible covered in sweets galore, the choice is endless but some are easier to use than others though!  Learn our technique of layering and keeping the chocolate at the right consistency, not too runny, not too stiff, but work hastily as this chocolate glue sets super fast! Handle it too much and the sweets fall off! Listen and be patient and your effort will be rewarded! Creative and addictive you’ll be wanting to make gifts, table centres and one off pieces at home once you have learnt the technique! Sweet Sushi – Have you always liked the idea of Sushi; but not keen on fish?! We have the answer Sweet Sushi and there is nothing fishy about that. From candy noodles to candy wa-sabi and traditional sushi-rolling method our Sushi mimics the appearance of their savoury counterparts without the need of flavoursome dipping sauce unless you want to use chocolate. We even give you chop sticks; how are your fine motor skills and patience?

sweet trees Sweet Sushi

Not got a sweet tooth? How about this:

  • Chocolicous – Traditional chocolate making and truffle making along with anything else that involves chocolate!
  • Arts n Crafts – Anything you can get your hands on and create! Create that Patrick and Demi moment in Ghost at the potters wheel?!
  • Cookery – All of our workshops and schools will give you the hands on experience you need! Say Yes Chef and you won’t go wrong!
  • Musical Maestro – Think its too late to learn an instrument? Never! A variety of musical instruments to choose from and be in harmony with colleagues and friends.
  • Dance and Movement – with a partner in your arms who will make the Strictly Come Dancing Final or bring out the dirty dancer in you?!

Ideal for: Corporates, we can tailor make our workshops for full facilitated team bonding and building experiences, employees can learn something new from the day and take back to the work place. Sales and Marketing not getting on? Over zealous team leaders? Trying to boost the confidence in shy staff? Our subtle fun workshops will have them eager to join in, work together and let their hair down in no time. It makes the dreaded role play sessions a thing of the past and have them all looking forward to the next company conference!

Private Groups, Entertainment for guests at weddings/celebrations, client hospitality through to just pure fun with family and friends. You tell us your group dynamic and we can bespoke the workshop to suit.

Note Bien: Obviously a lot of our workshops involve all of the senses so if the above doesn’t appeal, please look at other options in smell, sight, hear and touch, we have an array of choices for all tastes and budgets.

“The greatest technology in the world hasn’t replaced the ultimate relationship building tool between a customer and a business; the human touch”
Shep Hyken

Did You Know…?

Effective learning entails active experimentation with a hands-on approach to learning. It is perceived that we learn more by being active. Learning by Doing – This is a particularly successful way to teach kinesthetic learners, who learn best by example.