Variety is the spice of life!  Here is one of our favourites:

Tastalicous – Tea Tasting

How many of cups of tea do the British drink each day? The answer according to UK Tea & Infusions Association is 165 million cups daily or 60.2 billion per year; which is a lot right but how much do you actually know about what you’re drinking? Let us introduce you to Malcolm, debonair charming, handsome, witty oooops sorry back to the tea tasting! An expert in his field who comes from a family ‘steeped’ in tea and over four decades of experience in the tea industry. Malcolm is the only trainer who has been recommended by the Tea Council for services as a trainer for Afternoon Tea and his clients have included Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek (Dallas), The London Ritz, The Dorchester, The Savoy, Wedgwood, The Royal Collection (Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle) and Althorpe House don’t you know; so what he doesn’t know about tea isn’t worth knowing. With various Teas to taste you might just be surprised what brew does it for you! After an informative chat and tea tasting, we can also arrange for you to make your own tea, great for your company branding or a marvellous gift in the family name. Will you get the Royal stamp of approval? Lovely tea caddies, silver spoons and the best china available to add too! Find out how afternoon tea should be served, Malcolm still trains the elite establishments all over the world! Aunt Maud will be so pleased when she next pops in for a cuppa! Fine dining, afternoon tea, champagne, tea dances are other options that can be added.

Tea Tasting Tea Tasting

Not grabbing your taste buds? How about:

  • Food: Canapé Making, Bread Making, All cookery cuisines you can think of! Baking Galore. These can be arranged at many endorsed cookery schools, mobile at venues and even at home. We have contacts with top celebrity chefs and lookie likies to add some kudos and fun to your cookery event.
  • Drink Tasting/Making: Wine, Champagne, Beer & Ale, Cider, Liquor Tasting,Cocktail Making
  • Sweet Tooth: Chocolate Making, Truffle Making, Petite Four Making, Sweet Trees, Sweet Sushi, Edible Table Centres, Glorious Desserts.


Ideal for: Corporates, we can tailor make our workshops for full facilitated team bonding and building experiences, employees can learn something new from the day and take back to the work place. Sales and Marketing not getting on? Over zealous team leaders? Trying to boost the confidence in shy staff? Our subtle fun workshops will have them eager to join in, work together and let their hair down in no time. It makes the dreaded role play sessions a thing of the past and have them all looking forward to the next company conference!

Private Groups, Entertainment for guests at weddings/celebrations, client hospitality through to just pure fun with family and friends. You tell us your group dynamic and we can bespoke the workshop to suit.

Note Bien: Obviously a lot of our workshops involve all of the senses so if the above doesn’t appeal, please look at other options in smell, sight, hear and touch, we have oodles of choices for all tastes and budgets.

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavour”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Did You Know…?

Some say that in a world of senses, taste is the queen. It is a pleasure, but also a protection that can tell the difference between what’s good to eat and what could be harmful.