Variety is the spice of life; here is just one of our favourites:

Arty Farty

Hands up who loves to turn something old into something new?  Who likes to make personal homemade gifts?

Made to Measure, Last Forever

Calling all festival goers, we offer a tailored experience. From the initial fitting, to watching a length of willow being expertly twisted into your base ring which precisely fits your head, then choose from an array of beautiful accessories, such as flowers, butterflies and bells. We will teach you how to design and attach your chosen treasure onto your headdress, so you are in full charge of your creation! Our staff will give a comprehensive interactive demonstration of the necessary techniques and use of the tools and equipment. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and develop skills such as fine motor coordination, problem solving and following direction. Most importantly it affords the opportunity to allow you to have a good time and make something unique to you!

Scented candle making festival goers

Not the right arts & crafts for you? How about:

  • Arty Farty – Room Fragrances, Scented candle making, Scented ornament making, Stain glass making, Jewellery making, Up cycle shabby chic, Painting, Upholstery the list is endless
  • Blooming Marvellous – Floristry, Garden projects, Container making, Hanging baskets, Garden ornaments, Garden community projects
  • Dance and Movement –  Our array of dance classes and show extravaganzas
  • Interior Design – Let your creative juices flow with our variety of courses and workshops
  • All about You – Sex in the City, personal shopping and making overs, our stylists can get you designing a new company uniform to improving your wardrobe and confidence.
“Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful”
Helen Keller

Did You Know…?

They say the eyes are windows of the soul; we can gain wonderful memories and happy experiences through our sense of sight. With our sight we may be able to understand the feelings of others by looking at their expressions and gestures such as competitiveness, shyness, anger.