Variety is the spice of life, here is one of our favourites:

Earlicous and drumtastic fun!

Unleash the Phil Collins, Keith Moon or your favourite drummer in you! Bang bang beat on the drum.  Regardless of age, background and ability everyone has fun whilst learning to play the drums.  Varied style such as our African and Brazilian drumming workshops, allow our facilitators to bring the best out of you and your group, allowing you to experience the uplifting and authentic rhythms of tribal and carnival spirit! The drumming workshops are inspirational, creative and fun which will leave you totally energised. Combining a range of different approaches, with plenty of opportunity for interaction and letting your hair down;  why not form your own rock band and record your first No 1 hit?


drumming workshops  team bonding

Not feeling the beat? How about:

  • Singing – Rock Choir, Form a Rock Group, Variety Performance, Record a song
  • Dance and Movement – Dance Lessons and Routines, Strictly Ballroom to name but a few
  • Instruments – Learn a new instrument, form an orchestra, compose music, learn to conduct


Ideal for: Corporates, we can tailor make our workshops for full facilitated team bonding and building experiences, employees can learn something new from the day and take back to the work place. Sales and Marketing not getting on? Over zealous team leaders? Trying to boost the confidence in shy staff? Our subtle fun workshops will have them eager to join in, work together and let their hair down in no time. It makes the dreaded role play sessions a thing of the past and have them all looking forward to the next company conference!

Private Groups, Entertainment for guests at weddings/celebrations, client hospitality through to just pure fun with family and friends. You tell us your group dynamic and we can bespoke the workshop to suit.

Listen up: Obviously all of our workshops involve listening so if the above doesn’t appeal and you are looking for listening values for your event that don’t involve music, please look at other options in taste, smell, sight and touch.

We have but two ears and one mouth so that we may listen twice as much as we speak
Thomas Edison

Did You Know…?

Listening skills are an important part of effective communication. Communication skills are important…hearing is the physical ability, whilst listening is a skill. Listening skills allow one to make sense of and understand what another person is saying…Comprende?