How the Workshops Work

Corporate Workshops

Having problems with staff connecting and working as a team? Different departments or management not tolerating each other? Weaker staff members with strong skill sets being stamped on by larger personalities? Sounds like your team? We can take a gentle approach to stop them dreading their “away day” thinking they are having to role play or sit with a facilitator and wipe board all day, yawn yawn….

We have various styles and facilitators for all of our corporate workshops or indeed work with yours if you have brought someone specifically in. However one of our favourites is our homage to the big man himself! Back on our screens every October, and don’t we just love Lord Sugar! We are here all year round though to bring our fun, fast paced, competitive format to any event you choose. Pitcher Perfect – take a brief, design product and packaging, make an advert and pitch! When budget allows, we have our very own lookie likie Lord Sugar to oversee your event or indeed anyone that might be relevant to  your requirements. A great way to mix your staff up, communicate, listen, learn tolerance, respect for their peers but more importantly have fun!

Team away days or rewards, no particular requirements for team building just a nice balanced workshop, with fun, banter, spot prizes and accomplishment of learning something new and not necessarily anything to do with work! Lush!

Private Events

Take your corporate hat off, any of our events work well for private groups, be it Hen Parties / Stag Dos/ Special Occasions / Wedding Entertainment. Something for you to celebrate and help you remember that day or evening for years to come. Party and helium balloons just not doing it for you? Hotel and night club so 1980’s? Wanting to cover a lot of people’s tastes? Our ideas and workshops can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Social Clubs and Education

We welcome all types of social club and Education sectors, whether it be just for fun, fundraising, educational or an interest you have in doing something different, all of our workshops can bring something different to the table and engage your audience or enhance a guest speaker into something more hands on and memorable.

Bride & Grooms | Brides & Brides | Grooms & Grooms to be

A little heads up on our Perfume and Aftershave Workshop, although perfect for your stag and hen weekends, we also offer a service for you to design your own fragrance for one another and then have them as bridal favours for your guests or scented candles. Romance smelling at its best!


All the workshops aren’t cast in stone, we can tailor make to your requirements, talk to us about your event or what you had in mind, we are bursting with ideas and excel in making your event unique to you!

Pick N Mix

Standalone workshops or mix a few together! Talk to us about our themed days and other activities that you can introduce.

Stuck for a Venue?

Got a workshop in mind but don’t have the room?  Don’t worry we are lucky to work with lots of venues all over the country; so leave that to us. Once we know your budget, taste and logistics with a Zip Zap we will have it sorted. Through experience we can often give you some ball parks straight away, so if you just need some quick ideas to go back to the drawing board with or trying to set and raise a budget, give us a quick call or email and we can help you straight away.